I'm such a bad writer :(

I’m such a bad writer. I’m not really a “reader” but I’m just so stressed about writing a story. I don’t have any inspiration, I don’t have anyone to help me (yet) and I don’t have ANY IDEAS OR PLANNING for my story. I’ve always loved horror but I do like drama and juicy gossip sometimes but that’s not of my genre interests at the moment. Can anyone relate or is it just me?

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Sometimes I can relate, I think :thinking:


Technically you’re not a bad writer, you haven’t even begun writing yet. I’d advise you to not begin until you’re comfortable and if it requires scratching out and forming story ideas while drinking coffee, then so be it. Or you can use ideas from your notebooks, if you have some. Writing it on paper is much more fun than on a computer. If you’re looking for inspiration, feel free to check out:

And this thread: Helpful Links From My (Episode-Related) Website
As well as this one: Tips, tricks & discussions: How to make your story better

If u need support and motivation, feel free to come here: The Support Thread for Continuing to Write

And remember that Episode is a visual app, show more than tell (even in non-visual story telling, you want the reader to feel like they’re sucked into the story). Remember that the dialogue is the most important but having a nicely directed story helps.

Thank you for reading and best wishes to you :rose:


Can’t relate. I am perfect in every way.

And so modest.
And humble.
And I don’t brag.


If you haven’t done much planning, there’s nothing to worry about! You can’t really know if you’re bad until you’re elbow-deep in your story and people are begging you to stop, which is rare.

But if you’re struggling with the planning phase, notebook.ai is a great place to start! Here’s my article on how it can be helpful.

Thanks @JemU776 for mentioning my post :grin: