I'm taking a break from writing

Ever had had to take a break from writing? I’m just asking because i am.

And have before.

I had headaches mostly probably because used to write all day and night and didn’t stop to watch a movie.

So, it hurt my brain.

I’m doing it now for two days.

I’m going to take more breaks now because my health is on the line as long as I keep this routine of “No fun, all work” up… Sorry to those who have read my stories, liked them and want updates. I’m srry … :sweat::anguished:

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I’ve taken a break before. It’s YOUR story, you can make people wait as long as you want. I think things like episode are all about having fun/writing. You can’t write a good story if you’re not having fun with it. I always stop writing when I’m bored.

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I think, it’s all about finding balence between work and fun.

You better go watch that movie immediately! :sunglasses:

And yes, please relax-also, writing isn’t a chore-it’s fun : )
But not something you’re supposed to do 24/7 :sweat_smile:

Good luck with everything :blue_heart::dizzy:

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