I'm taking cover requests! [Closed]



So I do cover edits now :sweat_smile:
Here’s an example


Feel free to request a cover
What I need: details, your story description


hi can I order a cover request


yup, tell me your characters details and your story description


first character is boy :
eyes: gentle almond blue
nose: button
mouth: uneven terracotta
face shape: defined triangle
eyebrows: medium sharp
skin tone : olive
hair : cropped yellow
----character 2 girl
eyes : upturned feline taupe
mouth : full round any color
eyebrows : seductive arch
skin tone : fair
face shape : oval
nose: soft natural
hair: beach wave hair fawn


description : Delilah runs from her past holding her but what happens when she meets the boy who will change her life


okii ty, is this a sad story? should the girl have a sad pose?


yup its kind of I want the girl to be like idle_sad and the boy is holding her from her waist


what is your story title?


Gone for Good


its still not published


it will be published soon


okay, I’ll get it done soon :smiley:


thankyou so much


wait, hair color is yellow? you mean like blond?


for the boy yes its blond


Your cover art is finished :slight_smile:
And if you want to have a better quality, just tell me your email


hi can i make a request? You have great covers and of course i will give credit :slight_smile:


ofc you can :slight_smile:
Give me your details and your story description


if you accept here are my details:
skin: honey
Hair: chestnut brown, straight
Eyes: upturned bold brown
Nose: elven
Mouth: full round cherry
Face; oval
Eyebrows: thick flat

Face diamond
Skin: caramel and he has tattoos
Eyes: stoic almond black
Hair: short cropped fawn
Mouth: uneven terracota
Nose: button
eyebrows: thin arch

Description: Society has collapsed and a cruel government reigns and you are looking for escape when you join a rebel gang.
But what happens when you’re attracted to the handsome gang leader? But this description is very general and theres a lot more to my story than the description


Is there a specific pose you want?