I'm the one who gets annoyed and close the story, when a mean girl is too mean, and our character is shy as hell?


I don’t know why, but I’m wondering if I’m not lonely with this


I hope we can get more realistic portrayals of high school soon. It’s pretty tiring to see the same cliche characters and plot over and over again. You’re definitely not alone on this!


Thank you!:grin::cherry_blossom:


I don’t read any stories where the MC is unable to stand up for herself. It irritates me and I can’t relate with this at all. And if it’s really necessary to add a mean girl to a story, I would like to see that she has at least a reason to be mean.


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I agree. I have nothing against a shy character, as long as it isn’t too cliched and by-the-books. However, the mean girls in stories usually end up grating on my nerves real quick, as they are only there as a conflict for the MC.
I believe that the best way to make a ‘mean’ character, is to give them some sort of reason to be mean. It’s more realistic. (I notice that some stories use the “mean girl used to be MC’s best friend” reason to be mean, but I still find that to be too easy of a way to give your antagonistic character motivation)

This is just my opinion, and do indeed think that all things that are considered ‘cliche’ can be done well, if in the right hands,


Girl, I feel ya. I mean, it’s okay for the MC girl to be shy, to some extent, that is. But if the meany girl or anyone who’s being rude to her, she must take some serious actions, right? Unless she has some sorta other issues, I don’t think she should let anyone underestimate her. You wouldn’t take crap from anyone, right? After all, our parents didn’t raise us to be no-bish, right?



You know, I kind of agree. However, I’m also kind of tired of the opposite: some MCs straight up roasting the mean girl and finding all the right words on the spot. Because most interactions don’t happen that way. I’d like to see an MC who’s shy and not too confrontational but who finds other ways to get back at the mean girl or to make her stop. A shy MC but who’s not completely passive, you know? One who struggles with shyness but finds an effective way to solve her problems through strength, bravery, and the help of the people close to her. That’s a powerful protagonist right there! Or an MC who finally decides to speak up about the mean girl to an adult, perhaps? We almost never see any adults take action in high school stories.


We all want to see unique and fresh stories. Not the same cliché stories again and again, right? You’re definitely not alone in this.


Thank you guys so much, I totally agree with all of you!


Nah, I definitely agree with you. I mean- I’m pretty shy, but I don’t let people walk over me. It gets overused after a while.


You are certainly not alone in that respect, because that’s SO overdone.


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