I'm thinking about posting Episode Reviews on YouTube, any thoughts or concerns?

So I have a YouTube Channel under a different user than my Episode user. I already have 100 subs on my channel. I’ve been thinking of new ideas for my YouTube, an idea that I came up with was to review Episode stories and score them accordingly to make the review fairer. Do you think these types of videos are a good idea or do you think it may not be a good idea? Why or why not?

Personally I feel it could be a good thing for the author(s) because basically it’s a free shoutout if you think about it. But another question is if I do these types of videos should I have people request stories they want me to review? Or should I accept reviews at the author’s request? What are your thoughts on this process?


Well, I think it would be a good idea, you’d just have to be prepared because not everyone takes criticism the same way. Some could be angry at the reviews and not even think of it as a shout out but twist into, a “You being a hater thing.” So I do like the idea just make sure you’re being honest but respectful at the same time.

On the other hand, I feel like when your starting you should do your pick of stories first and then when you feel some type of buzz from your subs, liking the videos, you ask their opinion on what you should do next and accept request if authors ask you.


yea, i support it. Just don’t post full episodes of the stories you’re reviewing, but i think that’s common sense.

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If you want to you can! Just be mindful because some will take it differently and make sure you have the authors permission


Yes! Maybe you can make reactions to user stories!

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Personally, I have no problem with it. In fact, I would love to subscribe and apply for a story review right now if you do consider doing it.

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This is a good idea but make sure the author knows that you’re going to be posting it to youtube and ask for their consent (just to be safe)


Well, you’ll have to ask permission to the authors first cause many get angry (and report the video) when their story ends up in youtube

I think it’s a good idea but want to suggest the following some of which you probably know or has been suggested.

  1. Always get the Authors permission and check they are ok using their pen name or if they want to be anonymous

  2. Do not slate their story. Just because you don’t like it don’t verbally bash it on YouTube especially with millions of people watching.

  3. Do not post the full story

  4. Watch your language just like episode their are probably children watching.

  5. Have fun

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It depends how exactly you’re doing the review but I feel like if someone scores badly, it’s a bit insensitive to post their reviews publicly like that where they will also see your live reaction too. Maybe if you were to review Episode official stories? That would probably go down better since they’re more known and you don’t need authors permission.

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I think that’s good! I’d love to see that. What’s your youtube channel?
I would be careful, though, because some people may be upset. I would tell the author the author what you are going to say in your video, so that they won’t be offended. As long as you make it clear that you spoke with the author, and that you are merely stating your opinion, then I think it’s perfectly okay.
If you want to review someone’s story, I would ask the author. And you can accept reviews at an author’s request, too. As long as you have the author’s permission, then it’s good to go in my opinion.

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel so you can watch Episode reviews in the future


Thank you!