I'm trying make my own chlothes for my charaters, dose anyone have any recommendations on what wibsite or what app i should ues?

I’m just trying to make my own clothes but I don’t know what app or website I need to use can someone please help me out???

how exactually are you gonna do that?

do you want to draw clothes or edit the existing ones?

I’m curious to know what you mean. :thinking:

You can’t actually upload clothes to the Episode writer’s portal, if that’s what you mean. The clothes they give you on the outfits tab are all you get.

If you’re just drawing, like a cover or fan art, then idk, your favourite art app/program will do. I’m no good at recommending those; maybe Paint 3D or GIMP for PC, Ibispaint for phone/iPad/tablet, or various paid programs if you like drawing enough to pay for them. :thinking:

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I’ve actually seen other clothes for ink that aren’t on the tab so I thought it was possible.

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I just want a little bit of more to chose from. That and I kinda wish that episode classic, ink and limelight had the same stuff like clothes, and customize and etc…
instead of them all being different
that or that they all have same stuff but it all a little different

Nope, sadly. :sob:

Episode featured stories (like the ones where you earn gems) have some special clothes in them that aren’t available to us normal writers, because Episode didn’t give them to us, but all of the clothes in community stories should be in the Outfits tab. (Unless they were deleted or something.)

It would be awesome if Episode let us make or at least re-colour our own clothes. An author can dream. :frowning_face:


Ibis Paint

ok so is there a way for me to get these special clothes?

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am I able to get these on my computer?

Nope, sadly. Episode is hogging them. :frowning_face:

People are petitioning for them all over the forums lol. Like here:

expect I need the ones for the INK characters

Yeah, I’ve actually been wondering about this for a long time.

For my story, the setting is set in sort of a 50s/60s-ish era, so I’ve been trying to see if Episode’s clothing choices sort of go with that particular era… I haven’t been able to find anything vintage for the characters to wear in certain scenes, so I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

Unless there’s a way that you can search up vintage outfits and then try adding them to your characters…?