I'm trying to code a scene but have no idea where to start (Experienced coder)

So to starts I’m an experienced coder and know basic and advanced coding but I can’t seem to figure out a scene I’d like to do.

The Scene
I’m trying to have the episode open with a news broadcast and then like zoom out to an airport where the Mc is watching the tv and then going on with the chapter.

Things I know how to do
Advanced overlays
Advanced zooms
Advanced spot directing

I’ve seen stories with scenes like this but I honestly don’t know where to start.
If you have an advice or can help in anyway please comment or send a pm.


So here’s what I can tell you from what I understood,
You could upload an airport bg, with the tv outline as an overlay.
Open the scene zoomed on the news broadcast, then add the overlay with the airport and tv outline, and then you zoom out totally so you can see your character looking at the tv.

Did that make sense? :sweat_smile:
Hope this helps! :white_heart:


You just need to create the TV scene in the airport - so you will need overlay of the TV and probably some overlay for the “background” inside the TV.

You will set the whole scene as every other TV scene and you will just start with zoom on the TV.

Here is tutorial for TV scene in case you are not sure how to do it:

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