Im trying to remeber choice


I was trying to do a remember choice but I got this :sweat_smile:


You need the name of the choice, or the name of the gained label.

if (gained label){
add text and other options in this bracket
if (choice name is " choice option"){
text in here
elif (choice name is " other choice option"){
text in here

They are cap sensitive, so if one option is Cat, you need to add if (choice name is “Cat”)
If you do it like this if (choice name is “cat”)…
It won’t work lol


I don’t understand… :sweat_smile::cry:


It’s alright, PM me and I could write out the script for you.


If i want to name the choice how do i do that?



When you create a choice, you can have the decision to name it or not…

SARAH (talk_think)
Should I go shopping?
choice (shopping_orno)
add text here
“No, study instead”{
add text here

^ That is the method without gains.

Basically, just put the name of the choice in parenthesis wherever the choice is located in your script.



You should get rid of choice_name MESS_OR_NICE.

If you would like to name your choice, at the beginning of the choice, where the options are put in parenthesis the name you wish to name your choice.

choice (mess_or_nice).

You can’t name the choice at the end of the options, you name it before you list the options.


I did and now it says unexpected IF: if


Screenshot it?


If you add caps, or any sort of text characters to your choice name, you need to include it in the if, elif, else options as well.


Your problem might be that, when you named the choice MESS_OR_NICE.

In the if parenthesis, you added MESS OR NICE.
As I said earlier, the coding is cap and character sensitive.
Which means, try to change it to
if (MESS_OR_NICE is " choice option "){




Yeah, change line 376 to…
if (mess_or_nice is “Mess with Him”) {
add your text here

But also, you added the choice name in the wrong place,

You need to add choice (mess_or_nice)
Where the choice is in the script, not where the consequences of the choice is.


Like this:

choice (mess_or_nice)
“Option 1” {
SCRIPT goes here
} “Option 2” {

then later on in the episode, this is what you add

if (mess_or_nice is “Option 1”) {
SCRIPT goes here
} else {


It still says the same thing and I am confused of where to add the choice name
My choice started on the next line after the name


Refer to AndreaH’s template for you, that’s where you would add the choice name! Adding the choice name after the options, won’t name the choice. :slight_smile:




Glad I was able to help! :slight_smile: