I'm trying to write a script for a personality quiz, How would I do that?



&CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop AND CHARACTER moves to layer 0

readerMessage Be sure to choose carefully, Your choices decide your personality.


What do you do most in your spare time?

choice "I spend my free time reading or writing." {

} "I spend my free time playing sports or being active." {

} “I spend my free time playing music.” {

} “I spend my free time sleeping and eating” {

} “What free time? I’m too busy.” {

} “I spend my free time online.” {

}<PREMIUM> “I want to pick my own personality.” {


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That’s a Q and A template. :thinking:

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Does the personality quiz effect the story?

Sorry I knew there was a type of questions template thing, must of got the wrong one.

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It decides what type of person the character is…

Okay so you want to use the point system.

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I found this now I know it gives some answers but it has gains, if it is useless too, I apologise again!


Yeah I’d use what @Katie36 put above and if you ever get confused with the scripting you can refer to the following thread.


I was thinking of using gains, since I want points to come into play for character relationships… But I don’t know how.

@Dara.Amarie’s thread should help. It includes examples and gives you information about the commands. The vocabulary is simplistic so it’s easy to understand if you’re a beginner in this area.


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