I'm using "INT. Bakery NO OL - Day" What should i use as my overlay?


INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY does not have the overlay, which is what that “NO OL” means (No Overlay)

If you want to have the background with the overlay, use the background INT. BAKERY - DAY

Okay can you like give me a overlay for that one ? like when for example

@CHAR walks to screen center in zone 3 AND pan to zone 3 in 4

And then it’s black right there how can i make it not black?

The overlay is attached to the background. That background is only 2 zones, there is no zone 3 which is why you see black.

Another question? How do i place one of my characters behind the counter?

They will be placed behind the counter automatically, just place them wherever you want them on the screen.

Can you show an example ?

Just use @CHARACTER stands screen center or whatever position you want them in.

Can you name me the positions? Sorry for asking too many questions i’m new to writing

You should take a look at the Guides.

These are all the positions:

screen left
screen center
screen right
upscreen left
upscreen right
back left
back right
back far left
back far right

Okay. So which one makes him be placed behind the counter?