I'm very confused

So i’m having a very hard time using dara amarie choose love interest’s gender template
This is what i have:
if (LI_boy) {
goto male_story_branch
} else {
goto female_story_branch

label female_story_branch

@DAISY stands screen left AND DAISY faces right

@DAISY spot 1.049 98 80

@DAISY is think_rubchin

    DAISY (talk_whisper_unsure)
So [NAME] how are we doing with them

    DAISY (talk_think_neutral)
Do they wanna buy the house?

goto end_chapter

label male_story_branch

@DAMON stands screen left AND DAMON faces right

@DAMON is think_rubchin

    DAMON (talk_whisper_unsure)
So [NAME] how are we doing with them

    DAMON (talk_think_neutral)
Do they wanna buy the house?

goto end_chapter

label end_chapter

@transition fade out blue 2

I don’t have any errors or anything like that its just in episode one is just customization and choosing your love interest’s gender an if i pick the male as my love interest in episode one the girl only pops up?
Can someone please tell me what i did wrong

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:thinking: Are you previewing it on the writer’s portal or the app? The writer’s portal doesn’t naturally show branching, but the app does.

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Oh thank you I never tried that I’ll try it on the app

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if you have an “interested in girls” option and an “interested in boys” option and the same character keeps appearing for whichever one u pick, i think i have a solution. on the screen where you preview your episode, click the small button on the right that says “story modifiers”. after, click “flags” , the 2 options should be a gold color. to turn them back to pink click them, now it should work no matter what gender you pick. (to close the menu just click “close” then “resume”. hope this was helpful! :purple_heart:

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