I'm very upset with my computer



I know this isn’t the big problems a lot of people have, but I’m honestly so upset right now.

I spent more than 5 hours working on an edit and my computer had a glitch and reverted to it’s last save, which when I go back to revert it doesn’t show my latest save.
This is what it looks like now.

I can’t tell you how it looked like after it was completed because the whole thing was deleted. I added so much more onto it and now it’s also gone. I’m so upset about this because it took me so long and my computer is having serious issues.
I’m so mad right now, I can’t express it.


what kind/type of computer do u have?


Macbook Air 2015


hm, yh that can happen sometimes, but im just saying, I haven’t used this kind of computer before., but I am having a feeling that it can happen sometimes.


My computer constantly crashes and glitches, and I’m so fed up with it.


thinking about getting a new one?


This happened to me last time I was on Pixlr. And another time too. Luckily, the second time it didn’t delete but it froze for 10 minutes straight. :roll_eyes:


No, but I need to have it fixed over Christmas break, a long time from now, and my parents won’t even be home mostly on Christmas, which is just horrible timing.


Oh wow, ok.


My computer decides to shut down then restart at that very moment you specified above (after the work’s done). The work is then reset to zero. All the hard work gone down the drain…
And, when I check or scan for the glitches, it shows –

YoUr CoMpUtEr iS sAfE aNd SeCuRe aNd wOrKs PrOpErLy. No SuSpiCiOus SoFtWaReS dEtEcTed.

i have no idea whether to slap myself or the computer…


slap computer.


Really? Mine consistently shows up that my antivirus is working perfectly and it starts glitching when stuff starts becoming black instead of showing screens or buttons.


Yes…we’ve all been there. Does your program have an ability to auto-save? Auto back up folder? What program is it that you’re working on?

Yeah, I like to cry and go to bed when that happens to me, then I just…maybe do it again? Maybe do it better than before. Since you technically did it once, the second time can often be a little easier, even if it is heartbreaking.


No, since when I do edits, it’s on my desktop, I need to press the “x” button then it’ll save. However, I can’t consistently save stuff due to having to put things like limbs and characters in place and different layers, etc. One of the most annoying things is if it crashes when I’m about to press the “x” button and it freezes up.


Oof. I’m so sorry.


it’s alright, and thank you. I’ll wait until Christmas.