I'm writing a new dramatic romance story titled 'Under the Waves'. Does this sound interesting to anyone who enjoys more sad stories? Let me know! :)



“Kayla Burrows is not a normal girl. With an unimaginably horrible past & scars no one can ever heal, can someone save her from drowning further Under the Waves of hurt & pain? CC

I wanted to write a little bit more in the description or use more unique vocabulary, but I guess there’s a limit of words/characters you can use so that was all I could do. Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks so much! :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

Here is the cover, I might change it later but would need some help with that!


I would absolutely read it those are the kind of stories i like and it sounds super intriguing :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You’re so sweet. :smile:


You’re very welcome :blush:


I think I would read it as long as there’s good description/ good directing no missing or irrelevant context and all that, but I’m sure that will be manageable. Those type of stories are interesting and I’d be more than happy to read yours :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your feedback! I’ve been working really hard to make long, nice quality Episodes with a decent amount of choices and CC every 5 chapters. Although, I’m using an Episode Story Planner (I’m using one created by TaraStar_314) on Google Docs in order to get my plot completely straight before continuing on with coding and such so that Under the Waves will be high-quality and enjoyable for you and other readers as well! Sorry, this response got wayyy too long, haha. Have a lovely day/night! :blush:


Alsoooo I absolutely need to know when this comes out i really wanna read it! :grin:


Oh my gosh, I’m really excited that you’re excited about my story! I’m not exactly sure when Under the Waves will officially come out, but I’m pretty sure the absolute latest that it would come out would be at the end of November since that’s when I’ll be receiving my first made cover! I know, that’s a super while away, but I’ll probably publish it before then once I get almost everything sorted out! :grin:


Can’t wait! :smile:


You too love :hearts: