I'm writing a story on the app Episode and i can not change my immage story!



I have android phone and I can not change the image of my mobile story, how can I do it? Help me!!! (Sorry for my inglish i’m italian)


If you want to change the cover of your story, you will have to go the writers portal on a computer.
I don’t think the phone allows you to upload a cover (I don’t use mobile so I’m not 100% sure)


If i go to Episode on the computer , i don’t see my story that i write on the phone , but i see the story that i write on the pc!
So i think i can change the image only with my phone!


In fact, it’s a bit weird. If you have created a story on your mobile phone and saved it, it should have appeared in the list of your stories in the writing portal on your PC. I used to create a story via mobile and then worked on it using the portal. The only thing is that after adding any changes to your episodes via portal you will not be able to edit your story via mobile application, but will be able only to view it.


Ty all , but I’ve already solved my problem , I practically did not know where all my stories were, so I thought there was only one story on the computer, then they showed me where to find the others stories and i find it! :slight_smile:


My congratulations! :star_struck:


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