I'm writing my first Episode story!

Hey guys! I’m writing my firts story on Episode. Go have look and help a fellow writer. THANKS!

Story name: What’s wrong with me?
Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6374443498340352
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CHAPTER 4 OUT NOW!!! :smiley:


What is the name of it and story link? :revolving_hearts:

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I am also currently working on my first story for episode! And if you would like to help me with any suggestions that you have DM me! :slight_smile:

My first story is called protected and will be out very soon!

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Sure!!! Message me when you publish it!

I’ll check it out :sunglasses: :heart:

Hey would you like to do an r4r?
My story- Your my bad blood
Link- http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5998249106538496
Cover- melissa%20cover
Genre- Romance
PS Please do give my story a chance!

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Author: Winona Katya
Description: She’s a girl who gets Abused, He’s the School’s new Golden boy. When they meet he does everything to protect her. Little does she know He’s who she needs to fear the most.
Episodes: 5 and working



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Of course!!!

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Story link??


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Hi would you like to do a r4r
My story:Finding Out The Real Truth
**Link:http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5626790727254016 **


Genre Romance

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That’s why we are here for!

Chapter 4 out now! Give me your opinion!

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Chapter 4 out now!! Give me your opinion!

Chapter 4 out now! Give me your opinion!!

I will send a screenshot after i read your story! Please do the same for me!