I'm your personal plot generator! (10-20 minutes!)

Hi everybody! :blush: I’m almost 100% sure this is under the wrong category, but, if you need help coming up with a proper plot I can help! Don’t worry, I won’t come up with the whole story all by myself, fill out this form below!
Name in mind:
Is the MC male or female:
How old is the MC:
What year is this taking place:
What you have in mind:

Tysm for reading this far! You can credit me as my forum name, @Caylz
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Name in mind: Fulfillment
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Is the MC male or female: Female
How old is the MC: 16 to 17
What year is this taking place: Modern Times (2010’s)
What you have in mind: A story about a group of troubled youths who desire fulfilling some sort of purpose while juggling responsibilities, school, and trying to avoid getting into too much trouble.

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I’ll get to work on it pronto!

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Hey there! So sorry that took so long! I have a couple of plots in mind, feel free to change any of them!

  1. MC just got out of a toxic relationship and she realizes she has to do something with her life. When she switches schools to get away from her troubled past, she meets Dani, Lewis, Rita and Micheal who apparently have lots of things in common especially their past.

  2. Being the queen bee of the school is tough, but being a good girl is tougher. MC makes a deal, if she can keep herself together she can get into her dream school.

  3. MC’s mom is driving her insane. Behind the good girl act there’s a whole other side her parents don’t know about and MC plans to keep it that way. But what if your sister’s life is on the line? She’s going to get a real attitude check.

I hope I was of some help! :pleading_face:

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This helps a lot! Thank you!

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Anytime! :wink:

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Hi! This seems like a great idea and I would love some help on my story plot so it sounds little less cliche. :pleading_face:

Name In Mind: Impulsive
Genre: Romance/Action
MC’s gender: Female
How old is the MC: 19
What year is this taking place: 2020
What you have in mind: While running from the law, Damian finds Athena, after multiple accidental encounters, he starts to realise he’s developed an attraction for her. Will his impulsive decision to win over her heart end up getting him caught, or even worse, putting her in danger?

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Hi! So, we all know that it’s very rarely that we fall in love at first sight, so how about he as a past with her, maybe he remembers her but she doesn’t.
Example: Once Damian met Athena when he broke into her house and his accomplice hit Athena extremely hard or something like that. And now that he’s seeing her he likes her.

That way you add a little more drama into the mix!
I hope I was helpful!

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Wow! This is great and seems pretty unique, thanks for your help! :black_heart:

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No problem! :blush:

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