Image Approval Review Times


how long does it take to review a overlay or background that you uploaded to your account?
I been waiting a few days at least now and like to use them for my story soooooo question is how long lol?

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3-5 days but they only count Monday-Friday… it’s not a stupid question…


thank u so much
I was really curious lol


You are welcome!!!


How do you blur text?


Blur text?


You mean when people blur out spoilers or something like that. I was wondering myself, so I did some exploring and discovered if you click on the little icon on the right, above this text box, that looks like a flower, you will see a blur spoiler option.




How can I put my own background into my story


I was wondering once you upload a chapter where you inserted “extra characters” to fill a scene like as if it were a full room, can you delete them afterwards without it affecting the story? Will they still be there if I delete them? I’m just trying to make more working space without a list of 50+ characters :sweat_smile:


Well, you wouldn’t be able to delete those characters, since they’re included in your script.


Oh I see. Thank you for responding so quickly!


I’ve been waiting for days for my background and cover to be reviewed when usually it only takes a day or two.

What is the longest time you’ve had to wait? I will be patient, but just wondering.


I’m still waiting on the backgrounds from 2 weeks ago… RIP


Longest I waited was 4 days…


I uploaded 3 backgrounds to the portal days ago, and Episode still hasn’t reviewed them. Apparently, it’s still in review. I can be very impatient up to a certain degree. It’s hindering me from releasing my story on time. Is anybody else having the same issue with Episode not reviewing your backgrounds or overlays?


Me too.


Episode has been missing up lately. From issues with the app, to issues with the portal. I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.


You’re definitely not the only one.My stuff hasn’t been approved and it’s been over a week and a half now.I’m not sure if they have just one team that does everything because I’ve seen multiple complaints on every instagram posts of the slow address on current issues like speechbubbles,glitches, and definitely background approvals.Idk what’s going on.


Yea. Several people like myself, are having issues with app.