"Images must be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall"

I’m trying to make some splashes for people here on the forums, and I made sure I got the dimensions of the backgrounds right, worked ages on them, and when I tested them in the ‘your backgrounds’ section of the portal? It told me that my images were too small. I was immediately confused, and decided to test it further by choosing backgrounds and splashes that I’ve already used and that are approved backgrounds, and Episode tells me that they have to be bigger.
I’m seriously annoyed right now, because I worked my *ss off on those splashes and now I’m not even allowed to use them…
Can someone help? Oh, and these are the splashes that are being rejected.

Can somebody please try these in their portal and see if it works?

Hi! ^^

I downloaded the splashes and tried using them in my portal, and they did not work. :disappointed: However, I did notice that the images you attached to the post have the sizes (350x636) and (382x691). Perhaps the dimensions got messed up somehow? :open_mouth:

Also, those are awesome splashes! :heart:

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I really don’t know what happened, I’m just really frustrated because I can’t seem to figure it out. :frowning: And thank you so much!

Sometimes when images are transferred they like to shrink for some reason. They look like they are almost to scale dimension wise, so if they have not already done so, I would just use a picture re-sizer to fix the size. I use resizepic, but there are others for free online.

I’m also not sure why the splashes are being rejected. I would maybe submit again and/or email the support team asking for the exact reason.


IT WORKED! You really have no idea how relieved I am, thank you so much :smile:


Glad this got resolved! Closing thread :v:t2: