Images won't load? Glitch orrr? 😐

Is anyone else having a glitch on the forums? I can’t see any images.
I restarted both my phone and computer.
I can’t see any images lol. And everybody’s icons are loading slow, but I can see those.

This is how it looks on my phone.

This is how it looks when I click on the photo.

This is on PC as well.

This is how it looks on my computer.


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Nope, I’m not having those glitches, I’m on my phone.

Oh wow… so my electronics decide to wild out today. :expressionless:

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You sure it’s not your internet?

No. I wouldn’t be able to respond back if it was my internet. I’m on pc right now.

Hi, can you close this? @Jeremy please and thank you!

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Sure thing @LiyahxWrites! :lock: