Imagine If Episode Updated Music To Singers Music


It would be so cool if episode updated/added the music/sound with singers music.

For example, Episode added Demi Lovato songs to her stories.

Wouldn’t you guys agree?


Sounds awesome!





what yall think?


I don’t think they’d be able to do that.
Because of copyright and such :slightly_frowning_face:


ik, but IF they did. how would u feel


If you’re making a request, you’ll need to move it to Feature + Art Suggestions and edit the title accordingly. :wink: Also, there is already a very similar request topic for this kind of feature here. Please make sure to check the request categories before making new ones to avoid duplicates. :smiley:


oh wow, and here i thought there was not a topic like this lol. thanks sydney.


That would be great, but they would have to pay a lot due to copyright and creative commons issues. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but it’s a great idea.
However, I think having different mood music would be better (happy tunes, sad tunes) they could also be used if a character plays a certain instrument or their’s a certain setting.
Or even, create our own music as Episode puts notes on the music part of the art catalog, and you can make it- or use garageband and upload it- or you can commision music for your story, etc, and if people don’t like the music, they can turn the volume off.
That would be really neat. They would avoid all this, but obviously, the problem would be if someone play’s a copyrighted song onto it.
So I think it’s obviously better for Episode to give out more music and sounds, but it’s quite a hard process too.
I’m mostly copying what I said on another thread because I’m doing homework right now and past midnight.


wow, and ok.


you can link this thread to that thread if u need to. @Sydney_H


Yeah true I will love the way you can add backgrounds and overlays if you could add any music from your phone library to the portal that will be great


i know i would love that! but Episode would probably faced copyright issues which is why we get the basic music options




I’d adore that! For intros and such it would be so incredible!

But like a lot of people have said, copyright.

Maybe Episode Interactive could enable us to provide our own songs? A bit odd as many of us can’t sing, but other writers could provide them music. :slight_smile:




Yes! I would love that! I’d always had thought of like making a Spotify playlist and making the reader play it along… but it wouldn’t work. I feel like really songs are more dramatic and more fun!


That would be lit! Especially if they had years & years and Disclosure ( my favorite bands :heart_eyes:)




You like years & years or Disclosure by any chance??