Immortalem: 1 (Chapters 1-12 available)

Title: Immortalem: 1
Author Name: Freya
IG username: Immortalem.episode
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 12 (More Coming)
A story following a young witch drawn to dark magic and her ancestral coven trying to stop her. Along the way, she meets vampires and werewolves, friend and foe alike.!!

Please check out my new story , let me know what you guys think! Don’t forget to share!!


Looks amazing I will surely give it a try​:grin::blue_heart:

b sure to check it out!! That cover is incredible, who made it? :white_heart:

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Thank you so much :heart:

Thank you, I really appreciate it <3
My partner was the one who made it. She found an image that we liked online that served as a good base and then she photoshopped it until it was where we wanted it and finished up the rest

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Episode 4 is now released!!!

Where did you find the picture?

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My partner did the cover.

You said you found it online though

My partner found the original picture, then edited it. I’m not sure where they found the original, as I didn’t have much to do with the process. Sorry I couldn’t be much help

Bump =]

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It looks really good!!

Thank you, I will have a new episode coming out soon. Just waiting for overlay approval. =]

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Episode 5 has been released!!

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I love that cover art! Who made it? Here is my story if you want to read it! (All feedback welcome) :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

Title: This Semester

Genre: Romance

Author: emily_episodeee

Instagram: emily_episodeee

Description: A spoiled-rotten American. A strict British boarding school. In this culture clash, rules will be broken.



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