Implementing the point system

So this is a question regarding the point system

I do plan on having a complex point system in my story HOWEVER I want to wait until at least the second episode before dumping all the rules and guidelines regarding the gameplay on my readers. I want them to first be introduced to the type of world they’ll be playing in (it’s a fantasy.)

Do you guys think this will be a smart move, waiting until the second episode to start the point system for real? Or are the readers going to be so impatient they won’t stand for it?


A lot of the first chapter is generally your ‘hook’, so it might throw people off if you suddenly change the entire story in the second episode… so… I would say it depends on what you mean, more specifically.

Will they KNOW there is a point system? Or is it hidden in choices? Is it part of the plot somehow?

I think it would be a little off putting if none of the choices you made in first episode mattered, as that’s the one that attracts the reader. You might want to make them aware that choices will use a point system, but isn’t implemented until the second episode. For me, I would put the point system and rules in the first episode.

in my story i don’t start giving the readers the option to see the points that they have gained until the second episode. i still have them gaining points for choices in the first episode i just don’t tell them that they’re gaining points.

Well, if it helps clarify my question, the point system will determine one of two drastically different endings. That is to say, the readers won’t know the result of their choices until the finale.

You could mention that choices matter in the beginning, but then tell them it’s a point system in the second episode like you planned?


I didn’t officially introduce my point system until episode 3, actually :sweat_smile: But I did have points that said “Your stats are not high enough to do this action.” That way the players know that there’s SOMETHING they have to skill up, but they don’t have to get the whole info dump all at once. And hopefully it makes people read carefully :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also have it so one of your choices in ep 1 gains a point and gives the reader a message (You got 1 point!) They don’t need to know Immediately the specifics, but they’ll know there is points to collect.