Importance of choices in a story

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I wanted to know what you think about choices in general in Episode stories and how much importance do you give to them. And what kind of choices do you prefer? outfit, dialogue or plot choices?
I’m focusing on writing a story that is pleasant to read and view rather than creating choices.
Should I consider planning to put more choices? Are they essential for the reader to feel comfortable playing?
Let me know what you think and prefer! :heart_hands:
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Choices aren’t that important!
Your story is what truly matters , if your story is good then all the focus will be on it.
But i do think you should add the usual choices like clothes and you can throw some random choice in between like for example-
You enter a cafe and are waiting for someone . What would you like to eat while waiting?
Option 1
Option 2

But overall, choices don’t matter much as long as the story is good but you should still add choices for clothing if you have decided not to focus on putting many choices in the story.

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I agree that the most important thing is the story itself! In some cases if I really enjoy the story I’m reading, I forget after finishing an episode whether it even had choices or not.

However, for me personally at least, a bare-minimum of one outfit choice per episode is greatly appreciated. It helps with giving some kind of visual personalized touch to the experience!

Other than that, I love stories where choices actually affect the story, because it feels more rewarding and entertaining. Although when it comes to for example choosing between love interests, I myself prefer stories where the love interest is already set and all energy is put into only MC and that one LI’s relationship developing. I imagine opinions on this differ a lot, though. :thinking:


Thank you for replying! :heartbeat:
Yes, that’s what I’m doing!!! As a player, I love to be able to choose the outfits so I wanna let the reader do it too.

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Yeah, I totally agree! Sometimes I even forget I’m in Episode. I feel like I’m watching a mix between a movie and a book. :disguised_face:

Me too, although for that very reason I prefer when there are no points because I know that the story is already planned and that it’s okay if I make bad decisions. I know that the characters will end up being together and happy (or so I ask hahaha).

Thank you for replying! :blob_hearts:

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choices r good

Choices are important, though there has to be a balance,
There can be to many choices which can make the story to chaotic. Some people are brilliant and can still tie it up to just a few endings.

To few is just, meh. (I know, pro opinion, right?)

Most stories follow a base of cosmetic choices, small effect choices, romance choices and end choices. And that’s fine.

I hate though, forced and fake choices. Like when you do not concent towards a romance, the choices in the past have been cold or friend zone choices but then a turn point appears where you just move into romance mode.

Or hints that random appear:
Choice: get lost, choice: push away, narrative: “I really want to kiss him”.

This feels like you’ve been tricked or forced.

Let me just leave the prince in the friend zone XD

Luckily there are some where you can reject romance, and if you know any, I love to learn of them.

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