IMPORTANT: I need somebody to do a cover for my story! (for free)

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing good!
I wanted to know if there was any kind soul to do a cover for me, because I don’t have any money to pay somebody to do it.



tattoos: dragon sleeve tattoo solid
others: hair on the legs, eyebrow piercing




tattoo: dagger thigh tattoo ink

I want Analia in this pose, with Verena in her right and Anastacia in her left, each one with a hand on Analia’s shoulder. I want the characters with fangs showing


I’m not very good at edits, these are my only attempts:


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You’re doing good, girl!! Keep it like this and one day you’ll be a pro! :blob_hearts: :clapping:

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Thank you! Btw, this might be helpful:

You can request at an art shop.

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thank youu so much!

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did u want an edit or a drawing? :heart:

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whatever you prefer :blush: :sweat_smile:

Try Here

I can do it for you if you still need it. Just DM me so we can keep in touch :sparkles:

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