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Ok so in my story the character has really bad anxiety and she has pills(anxiety medications prescribed by the docter in the story) to help but the thing is while i was wright the story my sister irl came up to me basically making fun of people who take pills to help with things like dipression,anxiety,ADHD,ADD ,and even allergy pills.Mind you she has ADD and has medication(keep in mind this is all perscribed) anyway she has medication perscribed to her for it but dosent take it AND while she made fun of people taking pills for anxiety i have pills for it or ill have a panic attack.So what are your opinions on the sicuation cus idk what to do do i keep wright or trash the whole story line?

I wouldn’t risk it. Episode has a guideline about ‘No advertising p-lls / dr-gs’ which is heavy misunderstood (:

your sister is hella rude.

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ah ok and yea she can be rude sum times and wow thats messed up

yeah, I thought so too.

Yes. Adhd, especially in girls often comes with a lack of filter or empathy about things. And impulsivity.

I think you’re fine to write about it. You shouldn’t be promoting illicit drugs, which you’re not. The “bullying” shouldn’t be rewarded. It should be obvious that it has a negative impact.

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I’m not too sure about the whole pills thing, just don’t promote it. And thats pretty rude of your sister…even if it is a joke

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I mean, prescriptions the doctor gave are no different from being diabetic or having asthma. No one blames a person with asthma for occasionally needing an inhaler.

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thats what i was trying to put into the story kinda like the things no body really see’s in people who have been bullied like the negitive impact of it like depression or anxiety people just assume that once your done getting bullied your fine but deep down there is always going to be something there and that was what im trying to say rather then making a story where because thet nerd was getting bullied she had to change her whole look and become a populer girl like no you be yourself and if they dont like you thats there problem.

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ofc not the whole plot of the story is what happens behind the curtins of a teenage girl who been bullied her whole life because of stupid things and how bullying can really affect a persons mental state in a bad way but of course with years and help from a therapist you’ll get there eventually

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but what if your not advertising it

As I said, the rule tends to be misunderstood. Episode has been known to remove stories claiming to break that rule or the other rule of ‘no excessive use’ (:

your story should not be influenced by person who laughs about other people problems.

I am not judging her just saying that her behavior should not be for you the readon to modify or even abandon your story.

With this logic you would have to absndon every story, because there will be always spme people who will laugh about sone adpects of some characters.:woman_shrugging:


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