Importnant reading a story?

So today I read a story and it sounds kind of harsh, but the direction and the speech bubbles were useless. There were hardly any punctuation marks in the sentences. In every sentence I was written as i. Yes, that sounds mean, but I kept reading because the story itself was great! I was wondering if I am the only one who has this and what is most important to you.

  • Punctuation marks
  • Speech bubbles on the right place
  • The characters animations
  • The storyline/plot/story
  • Directing/zoomdirecting

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Let me know!

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All of the above.


That was what I thought at first lol until I found out that a good storyline or plot is the most important to me. :joy: :woman_shrugging:

Storyline & Plot is most important to me but I can survive reading with poor punctuation since I tend to see it as it’s there anyway :joy:

But I can’t read a story if the directing is poor/basic (it shows lack of effort) and it really irritates me trying to read a speech bubble that’s placed on the wrong character since it confuses me (:


The not capitalised I’s do bother me but I usually see it more on messages here than in stories. It depends I guess. Like I read a story 14+ chapters in with so many spelling mistakes that to me should be obvious to a proofreader. But I continued reading because the story as I am not perfect and the storyline to me was amazing until I realised how problematic some of the things were in the story. So yes I can bare it but if it is impossible to read then no I won’t continue but the main thing is the actual story rather than spelling/grammar.

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Yeah you’re right. But most of the time I try to ignore it and look which name it has on top. :blush: :joy: :woman_shrugging:

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The storyline/plot and grammar is very important but speech bubbles consistently in the wrong places annoy me. :skull: For whatever reason, I’m very picky when it comes to bubbles.

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For me, the most important thing is the storyline, plot, and characters, but the visual aspects are also important. I hate it when speech bubbles are placed too low or too high, especially because I usually read on a tablet.

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I think all of them are important. While slang terms and names can be marked as spelling errors… but lets be real, there are so many free spell and grammar check programs and websites… I think that bugs me more than a frozen animation or a wrongly placed speech bubble.

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Yeah sadly when a story has the speechbubbles totally in the wrong place or on the wrong character I am like :man_facepalming: like I am okay with 2-3 speechbubbles in the wrong spot, but if your story all the way through HAS THE SPEECHBUBBLES IN THE WRONG SPOT it’s a real turn off for me, I will legit leave the story and that is not a lie I actually have done it, in my opinion I didn’t think speechbubbles were to hard to code right? It was like the first thing I had learnt when I ever started coding it’s easy, and for my stories I am picky about speechbubbles to the point they have to be on the right character and centered not even kidding!

I wish people would fix their speechbubbles! Oh well I guess most don’t want me to read their story! To each their own loves!! :man_shrugging:

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