Impossible to access the writer portal

edit: it works now

I was writing my story like the usual, then I tried to save preview it and I had the “Unable to parse” and “error:Unknown” I tried opening the art catalogue and nothing, I just blamed it on my poor wifi.
But by entering the forum I just noticed that everything else works perfectly fine, I copied my script just in case, but I had some extra time to work on my story so that would suck if I couldn’t continue.
Is it working for you? Should I be worried?

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Let me check.

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Same here, but with my backgrounds and overlays!

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I hope nothing is wrong.

I hope so too!

Did you try resetting your computer?

Mine still isn’t working.

The website stayed inaccessible for like an hour or so, I managed to save my story and I don’t wanna risk writing and losing it so I just stopped for the night.
I didn’t reset my computer so I don’t know if it would help to do it.

Oh. Well hopefully we get more information on what’s going on.

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I’ve been writing a story of my own for some time now and have a couple of chapters written,but not published.
After some time, I enter Episode.interactive thinking it would go straight to the account but it doesn’t, instead it goes to my old account .The old account was made on IOS but the new account is on Android. The thing is, I cannot access my writing account. No matter how many times I log out of the old one, I cannot seem to access the new one. If I try to reach my new profile from history, it says:
“ERROR, you cannot access this story. If you previously could, your access has been revoked.”
I don’t know what to do, how to get my account back. I want to continue writing my story. I hope you can help me.

You should contact the Episode team directly

That’s happened to me as well! What you have to do is log out of your email account on your computer AND log out of your episode portal. Then login to your normal email that your episode account is linked too, then login to your episode account! If it ever happened again you need to do is that.