Impressions on Episode

  • What’s your first impression of Episode or this forum? What’s your impression on it now?
  • Why did episode give you those impressions? What changed?
  • What do you think about the mods?

I’m curious as to what your answers would be.


My first impression was that it was hard to understand but now I’ve gotten use to the way things run. I didn’t really know where to start even with the tutorial. Now I feel like the sarcasm/remarks some people make are excessive and need to be cut back. I came here to help people out and talk to the Episode Community, not to be sassed or talked down to. Most of the people I’ve met on here are pretty cool though so it’s not that bad.

  • My first impression of the forum (the old one) was that it was hard to use (and I never even learned how it to use it :joy:) My first impression of Episode was that it was pretty cool
  • Forum- I didn’t understand how to comment or post, it was totally different from this one
    Episode - I never saw an app like this and the stories were pretty cool too

If we’re talking about Episode in general… I thought the idea of Episode (choosing your own story) was kind of weird and cringey based on all the ads I was seeing and people I watched making videos about it, so I didn’t try it out.

One day I tried it out for the lols and that’s when it all went downhill (I guess uphill though because I enjoyed it a lot) and basically it became my new hobby. I started writing on the mobile creator soon after and started my first story which was trash so I moved onto the writers portal.

I thought it was way too complex at first and didn’t want to try and then I watched some tutorials and learned how to use it in no time! (Thanks @JosephEvans lol)

With the forums, when I first joined I felt like a new girl who just enrolled in a new school, I had no idea who anyone was or what to even do or say, but then people were so supportive and made me want to stay :innocent:

  • What’s your first impression of Episode or this forum? What’s your impression on it now?
    Back then I thought everybody was toxic, now I know that there are amazing people here, but there are a handful of dicks here.
  • Why did episode give you those impressions? What changed?
    I lost an old account from 2016 or 2017 idk when, but back then I was a bit misunterstood and immature. I took out a lot of my personal issues from getting bullied here. Keep in mind I was like 11-12 years old.
  • What do you think about the mods?
    Some mods are dope.
  • What’s your first impression of Episode or this forum? What’s your impression on it now?
    My first impression of Episode was one of amusement, and I mainly just read featured stories, the stories that showed up on the front page, and the top stories in a genre. Nowadays, I have a neutral opinion. As a new member of the forum, it’s been kind of a mixed bag. I mainly lean more so on the positive side because there’s cool people here, but I sometimes feel some tension when I look on some threads.

  • Why did episode give you those impressions? What changed?
    I liked it as this new way to communicate stories through a new medium. As I’ve gotten older though, I question a lot of stuff, and I get confused about some decisions. I find the app cool still, but I’m not the same starry eyed kid I once was.

  • What do you think about the mods?
    I don’t have an opinion on any of the mods. They seem cool though.


The forums are bad. The mods don’t know what tf they’re doing. Go go a different forum.

  • What’s your first impression of Episode or this forum? What’s your impression on it now? That it would be fun and a nice way to make friends.
  • Why did episode give you those impressions? What changed? Because I love reading stories and seemed like a good place to make friends.
    I’ve made a few friends but I have found it is hard to make friends on here. I have made a couple though and it’s still pretty fun.
  • What do you think about the mods? Never had any problems with them
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There are mods?


When I first got the app, it seemed neat. I enjoyed reading The Kiss List.

But my first impression soon turned sour, and it’s only gone downhill from there. I’ve spent hours starting new stories because I can’t progress in the older ones without waiting to get new tickets, and then I can never finish these new stories, either. I’ve put hours into this game already, yet I still have to unlock 21 (or 27? forgot which) more stories until I can access the full catalog?

I know that the catalog will be fun and this frustration will probably end (?), but it’s so unnecessary to restrict access to the catalog to this extent. I’m at the point where I just want to delete the app and forget about it all.

I read that they did this because it brought a higher retention rate, but what kind of message does it get across if you already know how many people dislike this and you do it anyway? It’s incredibly annoying. I wish we could skip this introduction thing.

I also read a post that the reason the retention rate used to be low is because the site was too confusing for new users, so they left quickly. But if that is the issue, why not make it less confusing, rather than restricting them from accessing the full site?

There are so many ways you could fix the “confusion” problem without making everyone have to sit here and spend hours trying to access the full catalog. I’m not enjoying my experience so far.


I actually used an app similar to Episode before, but once I found out that on Episode you can make your own stories/read community stories, I installed it right away. I actually haven’t used it in 2 years so it’s definitely changed. Also the stories I read back then are absolutely horrible, I have no idea how I had the patience to read them lmao

I liked that you have so many stories to choose from. After I joined the forums I started realizing how cliche most of the stories are, so now I’m definitely pickier lol

The forum mods? I don’t really know them, I joined the forums a month ago, but they seem nice.

As for the episode mods, I HOPE YOU GET PREGNANT BY THE BAD BOY MAFIA LEADER VAMPIRE TEACHER PRINCE, since that’s all you know about

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Back when I first joined I don’t remember the requirement being that high, I can barely even read one chapter of an official story. I hope you get through it lmao, those stories are so bad they’ve become a joke in the community


HAHAHAHAHA I literally laughed at this

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Aww… I redownloaded the app but not too long after I deleted it again because it really takes up too much time.

I think they should probably just have a few stories for new users to read like before. It was just playing a chapter and boom! You get access to the whole thing (I think). They should really focus on how to improve instead of making us read through so many stories and wasting so many time before getting access to the full catalog.

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  • I think Episode was and still is a great app. Though there are things I don’t like about it now.

As for the forum, I disliked the old one as I wasn’t familiar with forums then and found it hard to navigate. This one is wayy better.

  • I found out about Episode through Campus Crush ads when I was obsessed with reading, and I find the concept of interactive stories amazing.

What frustrate me now are the cringey romance stories. I like romance, but I hate opening the app and immediately seeing something that messes with my moral compass. It’s not right to screw your boss, your professor, or your sister’s boyfriend. If you were already in a relationship with your boss or your professor before they got their job, then I’d probably understand but not when you’re benefitting from them then all of a sudden you say you’re in love. There are hundreds of similar community stories too.

Sometimes I just want to dig into some romance without rolling my eyes and being disgusted. I want a story that I can empathize with and grow attached to. I miss the old Episode stories like Stranded At Sea and The Last Goodbye.

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I’m glad I started way before. I hope you get through those stories.

  • My first impression of the Episode app was that it was pretty cool, but when I first started reading I didn’t know of community stories until having the app for maybe a month or two :sweat_smile:

  • My first impression of the writers portal was that it was incredibly hard and impossible to do… I’ve always wanted to write stories on Episode but I had just started in February of this year because of not wanting to try it since it was so confusing at first

This forums seem pretty quiet and dead, but I’m just here for story help anyways

A special thanks to everyone who have been providing feedback for us! Just a reminder that if you have any feedback pertaining to the Forum team to please escalate it to @Arlene or to the team via ticket here:

It really is great to see how active the forums are and how the number of active, fun and positive members keeps increasing! :smiley:

Any suggestions for the forums? Any features you want to see get implemented? Make sure to leave your requests in the Feature Request section here: that way Episode can get a better understanding of the wants and needs of the forum community :heart:


I thought episode was like boreing and inapppropriate
Now I’m f*cking addicted haha :joy: