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Let’s write together! This is perfect to practice or try to write in another genre. I’ll give you a prompt and you write a story of how long you like. There will be a new prompt out once or three times a week!

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I’m so thankful! To celebrate it, I’ve made a list with prompts for all the genres I could think of!

  • adventure
suitcase and all

Tapping your feet at the fast beating of your heart. Anxious looking around the room. With shaking hands you pick up the phone. “I know what you said. But we need to find out. Pack your suitcase.”

  • comedy

Headphones on and a good book is all you need when sitting on the bench waiting for the train to show up. Suddenly a man is standing next to you. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt you but-”

  • drama
crying out loud

You feel powerless. Hopeless and not seen. You can’t hold it any longer. Before you know, you’re crying and telling everyone in the room how you feel.

  • Fantasy
plane crash

You land alone on a place without human after a plane crash. How can you get out of here? What will your family think? Wait… this place… doesn’t seem normal.

  • Mystery
a single note

A note is being shoved under your doorstep. Your past is coming to hunt you. You know you should try to hide yourself, but from from who?

  • Romance

You’ve been christians your whole life. Your wedding day is over and meet each other again at the same bed. Things are about to get steamy…

  • sci-fi
remember me

You can travel to the future, although you try to live a normal life. Your curiosity is taking over when you ask the question, “how will they remember me after my death?”

  • thriller
running for your life

You’re running as fast as you can, but you can’t seem to get away-- You look at your pockets. “Have I been carrying this the whole time?” Are you going to take the risk?

If you’re gonna do the 1K special: try to keep the main genre! I don’t mind sub genres :))

story prompt!
2 am thoughts

It’s 2 a.m. and you’ve been tossing and turning trying to get some sleep. Finally, you sit up. You know what you need to do.

"Can you see me?"

You go for a walk and accidentally bump into someone. They feel the bump, but the person can’t seem to hear or see you.


Write a story about a character who can’t figure out when they’re dreaming or awake.

100 years

I wish I could skip next week, you think as you get into bed that night. In the morning, you wake up 100 years in the future

that one night

It’s the last summer night with your summer fling. After this one night, you would have to continue your life without them… but it will never be the same

Write in a man’s perspective!


End your story with the sentence ‘Oh, if only. If only I/he/she/they wouldn’t have lied…’

Feel free to change the sentence to your liking!


You’ve forgotten the last year of your life, and have to retrace your steps to figure out how you got here.

the woods

They told you not to go, but your curiosity is taking over. What is it that I can’t go into the woods?

under the sheets

There’s something underneath my bed — and it’s not a monster…


You were on your regular morning walk to the coffee shop, when you fall through the sidewalk. But this place looks… unnatural. Even magical.


You thought you’d never see this person again, yet here they are… they’re looking quite a bit different.


The verbal fight between you and your husband is getting out of hand. “Start the car. We’re going to a couples’ therapy.”

Verbal is bold 'cuz I do not want to see any other form of violence. It’s about emotions after all. Oh no abi is getting heated HSJSJSJSJ ly guys

the opposite

Long distance relationships are hard. The one is living their best life while the other can’t wait for the next phone call.

wish I could go back

I’ve hurt a lot of people in my life. But if I knew I had to face them and my consequences after my death? I would have stayed alive.

In the dark

When the night falls, you can’t seem to close your eyes. You’re the only one who can see that in the darkness. How can you put an end to it?

Be creative with what the ‘that’ could be!

missed me?

You’ve gone missing, and eventually they stopped searching for you. After 15 years it’s time to make the phone call… “Mom, dad?”

write in the third person perspective! she/he/they

under the moon

A quiet night while dancing under the moon with the one you love. Until you’re rudely interrupted… This is bad news.

Christmas dinner

If there is one thing you hate, it would be Christmas. Even seeing someone looking at you makes you gag. Time to walk down stairs and have a forced-family-Christmas-dinner.


You’re involved in a car crash and your soul is roaming around trying to find its way back to your body. What do you encounter on the way back, do you even return?

you against everyone

All you want to do is relax and write a little story, but thinking about your story is the last thing you do. Your family wants you to have a steady highly paid job.

End your last sentence with “I would do it all over again” or something like that!

this place

You find yourself dreaming about such a wonderful place. A place you wished to live, to escape to. Can you give up the one thing that is stops you?

one step for mankind

They finds themselves in a tense situation. They’re one of the only survivors of a spaceship crash on an unknown planet.

miserable town

Death is the only thing on your mind in this miserable town. There seems to be someone dying every day or so, and it’s time to find out why. “You’re playing a dangerous game, kid.”

All the stories written

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2am thoughts

Shadows. They were everywhere. I couldn’t sleep, even if I wanted to. My eyes were begging to be closed, but I couldn’t.
Staring out the window, all I could see was him. He was just there, staring at me, daring me to close my eyes. And as I eyed the bruises littering my arm, I knew it was time. Slowly, I got up, ignoring the pain in my back. I felt bile threatening to climb out of my throat, but I ignored that as well. It would be over. Soon. Grabbing the knife on my table, I felt my body shaking. I closed my eyes, only to open them again. He was still here, and while he’s here, I’m not safe. I slowly open the door, the darkness hitting me instantly. I walked on shaking legs, until I got to the room. As I opened it, I saw the face of my brother, sleeping peacefully. With tears streaming down my face, I moved closer. “Angel?” Oh, how innocent he was. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing. Go back to sleep.”
“Ok, good night.”
And as I plunged the knife into his heart, I whispered, “Good night, I love you.”


Oh my freaking- I nearly cried! The emotions are too strong for me to handle :disappointed_relieved:


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2 am thoughts

1:56 am. A woman lays flat on her face. 1:57 am. She rolls over to her side, her body stiff– uncomfortable. Her pillow is warm, as is her reddening face. A small window in the bedroom is opened ever so slightly. Left open hoping a cool breeze might pass by, but of course that would be too easy. It’s as hot outside as it is under thee multitude of sheets and blankets. She rolls to her other side. She was exhausted. Her eyes struggling to stay open, threatening to flutter shut as every minute passed. Her body was begging her to sleep, but every time her eyes shut, she shot right back open. Sleep wasn’t something she felt she could afford, as tired as she was. She couldn’t afford to let them win. She wasn’t exactly sure tif she could afford to lose sleeping, either. A double edged sword, really. The sounds of the night overcame her fear as her eyes began to flutter shut once again, this time she nearly gave in. 1:59 am. The woman shoots up as the temperature of the room increased tenfold. It was almost time, she thought to herself. The room was dark, only illuminated by a hint of moonlight. She aimlessly grabbed around for her small frame glasses, never once taking her sights off the door. Minutes passed, she stole a glance at the clock. 1:59 am. The floorboard creaked. “I am not afraid” she whispered. The door to her bedroom slammed shut. “I am not afraid”. The thumping of footsteps ceased at quickly as the began. There it was, she thought. Eyes still on the clock, 1:59 am, the woman took a deep breath. Raising her head slightly, a shadowy figured looming over her head– A comforting figure. Horns as long as her own arm. Shoulders as broad as her own twice over. She turned to the figure, slowly. “I know how to beat you,” she calmly began. The figure remained immobile. She paused, taking another breath. The woman looked away from the figure, digging into her nightstand. Holding her hand high to reach that of the figure’s, a wedding band in her palm. Dropping it into the figure’s void, she turned back to her pillow and shut her eyes. “Don’t forget your ring again, honey.”


I was so engaged and then you had my jaw drop at that last sentence… my jaw is still dropped. Hell let this be your lunch forever


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