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I’ll update the list in the main post later when I have the time <3


I wrote one!


My eyes were glued to the screen of my laptop, my hands trembling as I held them over the keyboard. For an entire hour, I had been writing and re-writing one message. It was something so simple, something I did every year. I should be used to it by now, but I’m not. I haven’t accepted it yet. It’s been years and I can’t seem to accept it.

I reread my message a couple more times. “Hi. Happy birthday.” It read. “I miss you, I wish you hadn’t left this Earth so soon.” I hit enter and felt a sense of calm. I took in a quick breath and my eyes opened wide when I saw the activity status turn from away to online.

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don't get caught

With nothing but adrenaline running through my veins, my breath quickens with my eyes wide open and the corners of my mouth extended as far as they go. I’ve driven through this neighborhood several times, but tonight was different from the all the rest.

Pulling up to a dark building with a pitch black sign that from memory reads home jewelry, I open the car door to be greeted by my accomplice. She explains the heist thoroughly, I pay close attention not wanting to miss a single detail that can prevent us from being caught.
Having no experience, a professional like herself can be very intimidating, she wears all black along with a ski mask I can’t imagine her without. Standing at only 4.9 she’s the short but intimidating type, with a strong build looking as if she could lift a train of people (most likely case; she can).
I’m in complete focus as she says the last thing before breaking the locks, “don’t get caught”.

Entering the store I release a sigh of relief. Thankful that the alarms weren’t triggered I continue further into the store. Carving the thick glass I grab necklaces, bracelets, rings, and everything that held value. I’m on a complete high thinking how perfect everything is going, and how we’ll get away without a scratch, but as I turn around I begin hearing police sirens! I look around the store for my accomplice, and when my eyes find her she yells at me to get going. I start to run for the door, but greed overtakes me as I gaze at the most gorgeous diamond necklace…almost as if I’m possessed I make my way toward it. My accomplice is screaming at me to run, but when she realizes I’m no position to listen or leave she takes off…

~by epi.tomato on instagram :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


aww why u gotta stop there! :pensive::pensive:
Hshsh I was screaming at her too at the end


List is updated!

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lol, cliffhangers are the besttt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey guys and @Abinaya, I think I might write a prompt tomorrow!

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do you know which one?

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I think it’s gonna go in the confusion prompt. But it’s an idea that I want to be real like a Movie, Tv show, or even a Netflix series.

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Hey guys and @Abinaya. I have some Episode story ideas that I really want to make! “The Eyes of Time.” And “The Void.”

The Eyes of Time

I haven’t thought of the MC’s name yet BTW.
A girl is able to stop time whenever she wants. But when she starts abusing it, things start to go wrong!

The Void

Rachel keeps going into a dark place called The Void. With her friends involved, will she be able to put an end to it?

I though of both of these this month, October! I really want these to be stories, and even Netflix shows/movies!

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I agree, it would be great to see some of those type of movies pop up :eyes:

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