We should have more options when it comes to character customization.
Here are some of my suggestions we should have in the future:

  1. Piercings, freckles, and glasses in character settings and/or outfits

I like how we are now getting better piercings, freckles, and glasses to better customize characters. However I do not like how if you want to have your characters wear piercings/glasses/freckles as an option, you need to create outfits with or without these accessories. I suggest having a checkbox or some sort of designated tab in character settings of if they want glasses, nose piercings, freckles, tattoos, etc.

That way, you can make characters (One with freckles, one with piercings, and one with glasses) wear the same outfit rather than making every outfit for each character. I was going to create a story that gave an option to wear glasses or freckles, but I later realized that it was going to be difficult since you can’t have characters wearing more than one outfit. This feature would make writing SO much easier.

  1. Different body types

I know this might be a difficult task, but it would be so amazing if we had more diversity in body types. I hate how we don’t have the option to have a female character who is pear shaped, flat chested, a little chubbier, and even skinnier. Same with guys, I don’t want to have the same guy with a 6 pack all the time, or a girl with the perfect body. So maybe they could possibly make a few presets (normal, skinny, flat chested, chubby, etc.).

  1. Socks

This one is kind of random but I want socks. I just don’t like how my characters do not have socks when wearing sneakers. So I just want the basic socks and maybe even some stockings (fishnets and shear tights)

  1. Outfit customizations

I want to have the episode community to be able to create their own clothings. This is because I always need to find the right outfit, but there aren’t any that seem perfect. This would mean everyone can find the right outfit or the outfit they need.


Duplicate closed. Please refer to the following to show support for these requests. :slight_smile:

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