Improving on my story idea

So I’m planning on writing a story about a girl moving up in ranks at the palace. Similar to the ruby tiara, but not close enough to be a rip off. The girl travels back in time after falling out of an airplace above the bermuda triangle.
When she gets there, it turns out that she has switched bodies with a noble lady and is stuck with an evil stepmom and a dying father.
After her father dies, her stepmom kicks her out and she is forced to wander around the dangerous streets until she is attacked. She is then saved by a guy (the current prince).
Soon after, she goes to the palace to compete for a high enough position to get revenge on her stepmom and meanwhile tries to find a way back home.
It turns out that zombies roam free at night as well. There aren’t any for the most part in the palace but the town streets are extremely dangerous at night.
What do you think? Do you have any subplots that i should add? What should i improve on and how?

I think that all of this is kidna out there. And episode is about it but I think you should scratch the zombie part and maybe make a mob of angry people that are mad about the drama going on between the MC and the prince


Hmm…I see the similarities between the ruby tiara and this story. It is really good and very interesting but you might want to add small details! Like this is a story a merged story like Cinderella and the Ruby Tiara with a hint of zombies and revenge. Make her weak at first but gradually gets stronger! I have no other ideas but if I come up with ideas that could possibly help you in any way I will contact you! Have a nice day

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Smart !

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