Impure (limelight)

Np, it will be a few weeks. I have two r4r ahead of you. Would you like a feed back on your story or just reads?

I would love feedback sweetie! Sometimes here is just so hard to get it! :yellow_heart: I will send you my SS in a DM because I always lose track on forums!

Okay feedback it is, I would also like feedback as well or you can just give me reads, it depends on you. Looking forward to reading your story! Haven’t read an mystery, romance in a while lol, excited.

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You will have my feedback :wink:! I’m also excited! I will start as soon I finish work!

FINALLY! lol. Finally finished your story, it’s very good and entertaining, love your backgrounds, not using the standard Episode Backgrounds. Your dialogue started off a little…dull, but it definitely picked up in episode 3, that’s when I got hooked on your story. Keep up the good work!
:point_down:t5: My story 3

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Thanks a lot. I hope you are gonna continue reading it.

Few things:ep:2 Kilewood said"you dont what you’re talking about boy!"you forgot to add know. Your characters were overlapping as while, I had ur his issue too. There’s a video out on character placement. I’ll try to find the link and send it to you. Also you should add a little pain and shock to the main character after one of the teachers was murder right infront of MC due to one of our choices. Other than that your story is phenomenal, very entertaining, love how the choices get really intense, including the plot, on ep.5. Keep up the good work!

:point_down:t5: Now you can roast my story lol

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Sorry for the looong r4r but your story is so enchanting, there’s absolutely nothing to critique. The way Helena explained how such a charming and real man Mark is in ep1. Omg so well written, you had a few little grammar errors in ep.5 I believe. When Helena bumped into Oliver while training, when u called him a liar, you spelt it as lier. English is my first language and I had TONS of grammar errors and misspelling in my story lol. Keep up the good work. I’ll definitely will be continue to read

:point_down:t5: My Story

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Thank you so much! Will definitely take that advice on board and fix it.

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I would like to do R4R with you.
Story name: Trustless (LGBT)
Author: Elenna Spitfire
Description: Everything seems perfect unless you decide to make an account on an online dating app suggested by your friend. You meet the perfect girl but she will find your biggest secret.
Genre: Drama, Comedy.
Chapters: 3 more coming soon.
Style: Limelight
Important Info: I worked so hard at this and I think it worth a read thank you.

Oh wooow thanks so much for such lovely words! They mean the world to me! I. So glad you enjoyed my story.
I finished your story as well! And i just can say how speechless I am after so amazing story! The hard work is evident in every scene! With the amount of quality of all the characters, the extras, the outfits the overlays and the story in general! I will for sure continue it! Congratulations on this incredibly story! And keep up the hard work!


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That you so much for the feedback! This is absolutely the sweetest feedback I’ve received so far. Very much appreciated

Okay I’ll be reading this, this week. Do u want feedback or just reads?

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Thanks! And sure of course I don’t mind if u can do a feedback.