In a desperate need of a background 😱

So I about to make a scene where MC comes to interview at a prestigious school.

And there will be several people - committee sitting behind long table (with a front desk so you don’t see their legs).
I use a lot of realistic-looking backgrounds - either photos or 3D renders so I would also (if possible) need to keep a similar visual style.
Does by any chance anybody have such a background or at least such table overlay?
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

So I searched the net and I could only find 2 empty office bgs…u can either use it and then add a table overlay in front of the characters.


oh the one with the trees actually looks really cool! Thank you.
By any chance you dont have table overlay with the front desk?

Let me see…If I find something, I will let u know. Or u can also check @amepisode drive, if u use something…credit her :slight_smile: