In a need of a honest feedback


Hey :slight_smile: I’m looking for someone who will read first 3 chapters of my unpublished story and will give me a honest feedback.
Title : Tears between smiles
Genre : Drama/Romance
Style : Ink
Description : don’t have one yet, but it’s about a girl who hides something from everyone and is completely alone. She starts to hang out with punkrockers and it helps her to change her view of the world. And eventually she will fall in love with one of them. It’s basically about her change and about her relationship with him, but the relationship will happen later.

Thanks so much to everyone who will read it and please send me a message with your opinion. :blush:


I read it


Thanks :slight_smile: I really need an opinion because I keep rewriting the first episode :sweat_smile: I just feel it’s never good enough.


If you need help you can ask me I also feel that I have been in 1 episode for 2 months now


I don’t have a problem with coding, I just feel like dialogues and scenes are boring :sweat_smile:


Me too I have a idea but then I just forget it plus I have edits to do and school so I don’t have alot of time.


I write down ideas as soon as I get them :blush: but I just want to write the events that will happen later and I’m struggling with events that are happening in the beginning because my mind is still wandering to the upcoming events :joy: Idk if I explained it well


I can do a honest review :blush:
You can read mine if you want too but I don’t force you lol

Story title : Sandy and her Quadruplets
Author : R.J.
Genre : Comedy
Description : How can she survive with noisy and disobedient quadruplets? Will she finally find the father of her sons ? Here’s the crazy life of Sandy and her quadruplets!
Link :


It sounds good :heart_eyes: I will read it :slight_smile: do you want a feedback too?


Yess why not? :blush:


Okay :slight_smile: I just started



Hi :slight_smile: didn’t you post this in a wrong place? Cuz that’s not my story :sweat_smile:


omg… wrong place I am soooo sorry :sweat_smile:


I’m sooo sorry :sweat: I read some stories and I skip yours…
I tried to add it in My Favorites but it doesnt want to work but I still have the link so I’ll read it tomorrow. Sorry for the inconveniences :frowning:


It’s okay :grin: you can’t add it because it isn’t published yet :blush: you just have to read it through the link


Perfect!!! :slight_smile:


I just finished tenth chapter :slight_smile: I think you’re story it’s hilarious, sometimes I can relate to Sandy cuz I have a kid myself :grin: and directing is good too :blush: but there’s one thing I didn’t quite like, and that’s that if I was counting right, the kids are 13-14 and I didn’t like the smoking and the fact that they wanted to drink alcohol. I just think it can influence the younger readers in a bad way :blush: but hey, I think most of them have already tried this things :laughing: I will definitely read the next chapters when they will be out :smiley:


I was laughing so hard when Andrew burnt the cake :grin:


And I’m really curious who is their father :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! I really appreciated it :slight_smile: !! I understand about the drugs and alcohol because I read again my story and I’m asking myself if I have to change their age (15 or 16) but don’t worry, I don’t want to encourage kids to do that :sweat_smile: (maybe I can add a warning)
Thank you again :heart: