In Between the Zones

Other than zooming out which causes a black outline to form is there any way to stop at a place between zones? Like zone 2.5 be between zone 2 and 3?
It’s a specific question, not necessary but I want to know if it’s doable.

Here’s my example:
Zone 1 only shows the couch, Zone 2 only 1 chair and Zone 3 has 2-ish chairs.
If I could stop halfway between Zone 1 and 2 then I can seat more people in one screen than panning over each time a character speaks.

(Thanks in advance)

P.S - idk how to panel if thats the solution (read it on another thread)

No hun, it isn’t possible. As of now, there are only 4 zones which you can use. You can only stop in these zones, not in between.

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Thank you both @Rune.episode and @marianna_mn
I kinda suck at directing. I used to do very basic stuff, but now that i’ve come back to my stories and the forum is so helpful I’ve been trying to do a bit better :slight_smile:

That’s good! Wish you the best xx

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