In Between the Zones


Other than zooming out which causes a black outline to form is there any way to stop at a place between zones? Like zone 2.5 be between zone 2 and 3?
It’s a specific question, not necessary but I want to know if it’s doable.

Here’s my example:
Zone 1 only shows the couch, Zone 2 only 1 chair and Zone 3 has 2-ish chairs.
If I could stop halfway between Zone 1 and 2 then I can seat more people in one screen than panning over each time a character speaks.

(Thanks in advance)

P.S - idk how to panel if thats the solution (read it on another thread)


No hun, it isn’t possible. As of now, there are only 4 zones which you can use. You can only stop in these zones, not in between.


Yes you can do it with zooming in, as long as you dont want the whole length of the panel. Zoom in near the area you want, and pull it as far as you can to that side. You just need to change those numbers, here’s a random example of how I’ve done it in the past. Not tried it on this background but it might work if you play with the numbers.

For example, this would be the closest you can get on the app/previewer.
@zoom on 300 400 to 120% in 0

Now to move it over more you change the first number, that’s the horizontal number so making it less will move it over.

@zoom on 200 400 to 120% in 0

This would move it over to the left more. Like I said, haven’t tried on this background. Try playing with the numbers and see if its possible.


Thank you both @Rune.episode and @marianna_mn
I kinda suck at directing. I used to do very basic stuff, but now that i’ve come back to my stories and the forum is so helpful I’ve been trying to do a bit better :slight_smile:


That’s good! Wish you the best xx


I started out the same. The more I wrote and the more i experimented with stuff, the more I learned.