In desperate need for a cover

Hi I’m looking for a free cover artist
I am writing several stories and need 2 covers right now.
I will give you credits and buy from you in the future.

Do you want it edited or drawn?
If drawn which style?
Be more specific:)

Finding a free drawn cover artist is hard, most people have a really long waiting list.

I pay for some covers too.

What style for drawn: cartoon, semi-realistic, or realistic? What is your commission price range? How many art pieces would you need total, average (since it seems like you’re looking for someone long term, but idk)?

Well could you link some examples of the art if your implying you’d sell some.
I typically like any kind of art I usually spend 15 to 20 dollars on art.
As of right now I need 4 covers.

I personally won’t be opening commissions for at least a couple of weeks. However, if you are in search of some artists to do work ASAP, I recommend looking here:

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Didn’t get it. Are u looking for a commission or a free art rn?


hey, here are my examples and price list. let me know if you need anything from me!