IN DESPERATE NEED OF A COVER (Preferably hand drawn)

I really really R-E-A-L-L-Y need cover art for my new story, ‘Absolutely NOT Gay’.

I’ll accept any style but if you are capable of hand drawing one, PLEASE HAND DRAW IT!!!

If you choose to help me out with this, send me a message and I’ll send you the details.



You have free reign of creativity here! The story is kind of a RomCom story so make the cover happy looking (not dark like a horror story). Here’s all you really need to know about the story:

• Author: Bella5248

• Title of story: Absolutely NOT Gay. (Put the title but have NOT crossed out. Because, hint hint, he IS gay. )

• Gist: You are an exchange student from England and you’ve been in America for a few months now. One day, your childhood EX-best friend from England shows up at your exchange school as an exchange student too. Climbing the ladder of popularity comes easily to him thanks to his super good looks. The only thing that can ruin his status is you because you’re the only one who knows he’s gay.

• Style: Limelight


Body- Neutral 02
Brow- Straight Medium (Light Brown)
Hair- Wavy Quiff (Chestnut Brown)
Eyes- Oval Wide (Grey Cool)
Face- Male Generic
Nose- Straight Narrow
Lips- Medium Heart (Fair Neutral Matte)


Body- Neutral 01
Brow- Round Medium (Black Dark)
Hair- Short Wavy Ombre (Black Dark)
Eyes- Round Downturned Wide (Green Emerald)
Face- Heart Soft
Nose- Round Button
Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Black Gloss)

• Character outfit



• Notes: Use whatever animation, overlay or prop you feel is necessary to convey what the story is. The back ground could be anything but a school would be better because the story takes place at school. And I f you could, make a large and small cover please!

Anyways, thank you so much for responding so quickly. I’ve needed a cover for a very long time and you saved the day!

The girl is the main character and Finn is the second main character.

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