In Desperate Need of a Cover

Hey, guys, my friends birthaversery is soon and I’m really in need of a cover artist (who does it for free)

I’m surprising her with the cover for her new story

Edited or Drawn? Ink or LL?

Edited drawn i really dont mind but ink if thats fine

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I can do edited and whatever style you have.

ok here are the details

Can there be five people on scene the first person can there be a girl(

standing on the right holding a roll of police tape in one hand and "shushing if thats how you say it
Next can there also be a guy(

)standing by the side admiring her, and to finish off can there be three background characters (

that are wrapped in this police tape “is it possible if the tape can say Wrapped in Betrayal

Thank you so much if you can
Author of the story: Kets (her insta:goldylxille)
Title of the story: Wrapped in Betrayal

Thank you again sorry its much

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sorry if its much

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Ok, so I need apicture of each character doing the animation desired.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t get good screenshots is it okay if I just tell you the animations

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Um. I guess. But that would be really hard. Because I dont have your characters.

Oh ok, ill try take them but it might take a while

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Ok, great. Background?

Also, please send a seprate picture of the background with the desired character locations.

sorry I took so long to reply but just a black background is fine

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Ok, so I cut out Neveah. But she looks pretty bad because she is wearing black and the color behind her is black.

This is what she looks like. To recut her out I would need a white background behind her.

So like what i did with Heaven

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Yeah can you do fhat for all the characters?


i kinda have school now so ill do it when i get back

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