In Desperate Need of a Cover

Oh ok. For me it is 5 minutes till 9:00PM

Oof im so sorry when i sent those messages it was about 6:10 (I know still a stupid time)
But here u go

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hey i don’t want to sound persistant but rughly when will the cover be done?

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I have cut put all the characters can you tell me the positions? Also are you sure you only want a black background.

Yes I am sure
and 2
can Heaven (the girl who’s holding the tape)
be standing to right end of the screen
while Carter (the dude with the coral hair)
can he be standing to the left end
and can the rest of the characters be standing behind them (with the tape wrapped around them)

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I couldn’t find a way for her to hold the tape…

Oh no, its fine can she just do her emotion

Of course.

Hey I don’t want to sound nagging but when will the cover be done

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I’m sorry that I have been taking so long!

Edit: I am currently working on it. It shall be done soon! @Miss_Mure

ok no problem

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I just finished do you want the title on there?

Here is what is looks like.

That would be great thanks

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It looks amazing

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Is it possible if you can make a large cover

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Yes. What is the title?

Wrapped in Betrayal

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Is this good?