In desperate need of an artist


I know it’s a lot to ask but can anyone make me a couple edit I promise to give full credit I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF A NEW COVER FOR MY STORY please get back to me on my instagram or Here I will answer on both


I would love to help


I would like to help as well!


OMG!!! thank god well if it’s not to much I would love a couple edit with the 3 characters in the first 3 photos


In those poses correct?
And what type of background?
Also any worrds on the photo?


This seems pretty cool. I’ll try this for fun even though you have two other amazing artists.


hey! We could do small, you can do large?



That would be a nice background with the Title as The Vamp Project and the poses can be anything you would like so long as the males look totally and utterly in love with the girl :smile:


Thank you :heart:


@epi.pearlastion would love to help you!
Just simply go to this thread and we will assist you with anything else!