In desperate need of background characters (Limelight!)

I used you guys’ details for chapter 5 of my story and put your handle at the end of the chapter. HavenBby I gave you a speaking role if that’s OK.
I plan on using at least one CC from everyone so if I haven’t tagged you yet, you will be used in the next chapter.
All background characters will be used in rotation so you can expect to see your character randomly throughout my story. Thanks again!

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I used you guys’ limelight in my 6th chapter. Thanks!

For anyone else who submitted limelights and I did not tag, I will use them in the next chapter and will tag you when I publish that one! Thank you all so much!

And if anyone wanted to check the story out, here is the link.

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if u need more, here's my character and her outfit!

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Still looking for more, especially male characters! Please keep dropping them here!

You’re in chapters 8&9. Ty!