In desperate need of someone to do character art for me!

I’m dying to get an end card with my character and my @‘s. I could use a lot of help. I’ve only just started my first story, and I have no time to figure out how to make digital art. If anyone is open to help me, or knows someone who is, please reply!!

Many thanks and much love,


I can do character edits, splashes, character cards and pfp’s…
Here are some examples

Here are some other free art shops u can visit
Little art shop by @Mira_Unicorn
Sunset editor shop by @Episode_Madeline16
Shades art shop by @veronica.episode
Mystic art shop by @_Mia2


Try my store :slight_smile:

That sounds incredible!! If you would be willing to, I’d love for you to make an artwork of my episode character (brunette brown curly blowout hair, generic dark brown eyes, defined nose, small heart lips with a color you find to be natural, a normal heart defined face shape, and arched natural scar brunette brown eyebrows) with a chunky black labradoodle next to her, if you’re comfortable with it. I’ll add in some pictures of my dog for reference. Then have my instagram and twitter on there. They’re both brynn_episode_

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I would love to :blush::blush:

Can u send me a pic of your character along with proper character details…also the outfit you need…