In dire need of some story suggestions


I really need something new to read, and I’m finding it extremely difficult to find anything that tickles my fancy.
Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

I love complex stories that have a good, wide vocabulary and plenty of mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy or adventure. So far my favourite episode stories have been (which I highly recommend a read if you haven’t already):

The Renegades- Sonja Kingston
Eclipses- Vistoria Masina
Adrenaline- Evil Ebonni
Precision Impact- Uwe

My Episode to-read list is looking depressingly bare and bland; help a girl out :sunglasses:


Bad for my heart


Hey! I’m doing a little bit of self-promotion if that’s OK. I worked really hard on my story and I want to suggest this:
Title: Small Town Secrets
Author: Khadijah O.
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight + Customization
Description: You live in the peaceful small town of Redville. What happens when a paper shows up in your bedroom with five words: I Know What You Did. Does this small town have more skeletons than it lets on?
Episodes: 7 (ongoing)


I will check it out


I also recommend Dirty Sexy Teenagers, it’s an INK story and it’s hilarious.


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I read it was so funny


I haven’t finished, but every episode I am laughing myself out!


I made it to chapter 32


sounds great!! I’ll give a look :kissing_closed_eyes:


If you have time, please tell me what you think via Private Message!




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Dangerous space by Natalie Sky
Equality by Amanda Michele


Campfire is a story that fits in with some of the genres you liked.
It has a prequel by a different author called Family Affairs.


I prefer INK to be honest!


omg im in the same boat as you because i like the same stories! You should read asassins femme fatale, asassins heart, the ruby tiara, and venomous


Also gonna promote my story lol. It’s a little bit of everything, mystery/drama
Story name: Unwanted Memories
Author: caitlynlynn
Episodes: 3 with more coming soon
Genre: Drama/romance ( it’s also a mental health story)
Description: Kenna is in turmoil after a tragedy. She suffers from PTSD. Can she escape her own mind or will her mind take over? With a not so innocent husband and alluring therapist things are about to get interesting!
Link: [ 1]( 1)
Insta: epy.unwantesmemories


I just read H&V: Villainy it was super good def recomend