In dire need of some story suggestions

Four Kingdoms by PL
The Trophy Wife by As Told By Brandi
Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
Girl In Manhattan by Effy Ameer
Eclipsis by Victoria Masina
The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison
The New Girl By Saige Mercer
Stripped by Chantelle.M

I highly recommend these stories. They are amazing.

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You can find bunch of great stories from Episode Knitters website :slight_smile: I hope you find something that tickles your fancy!


Just leaving my story here, it fits in one of your favourite genres.If you are looking for a good horror story to read You can check out Curse of the Twins as well.Hope you like both of them.
title: Mr Bond’s Murder
Author: Mystery Maker
Genre: Thriller
Number of episodes: 6 (more coming soon)
Description: A snowy night, A few clues and a murder investigation, where noone is reliable to be trusted…

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Speak by @J.Miley
The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
Melrose by @Amyjune


But trophy wife is cliche asf

Oh gosh, thank you so much for recommending my story :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Yeah but I like it.

Hi! In case you haven’t read it yet, @ramones and I have written a story called Twisted Truth - it has some mystery to it, and your choices matter! Feel free to check it out :hugs:


A Flawless Plan - Mea
The Revival - Toriah
With or Without You - Wynter Sapphire
Blurred Lines - SK Tales
Reputation - Mira Mira
The Five Elementals - Ark
Hollywood Icon - R.A. Ross AKA Clover White
Rebounding with Storm - S.W. Rose
Pretty Woman - Alice Santiago
Spotlight: The Emperor’s Bodyguard - PL.Epsiode
Adventures Away: Argiyon - writer.LB
Silent Voice - MissLunaRose

and you can check out my story Zartrensa if you want


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