In episode stories, do people like the LI more than the MC?

So what’s your opinion, do you find yourself more towards the LI than the MC?


Sometimes I do or even sometimes I prefer the bitchy character better than the MC. This is because some authors make the LI character’s personality so much more interesting and sometimes even relatable than they do with the MC. They make the MC this boring person to make the MC “different”. It sometimes makes me end up hating the MC


I agree with @OreoBiscuit in most stories I tend to like the bitchy character better than MC… because they have a more interesting personality than the MC… the mc is so generic and “flawless” :roll_eyes:
I usually like the Love interest more too for the same reasons I listed above. It’s quite rare for me to actually like the main character and if I do that means your story is popping :smirk:


I find my self liking love interests more but only because people don’t try to develop the Mc. I always think the Mc and her/his growth should be bigger than just the love interest.


Depends on the story. There were stories where I liked more the love interest than the mc but by some stories, I don’t like the love interest at all because of many reasons. It would be good when it’s an options for readers at the end of the story to choose for the LI or against LI. It’s sadly not in every story, so you have to be with LI. It sometimes sucks, to be honest when you don’t like LI. Not every LI is Mr./Mrs. Right.


Lmao, I’ll try to achieve that :joy:

Your characters are fine. I actually liked all of them.

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Honestly it depends on the story.


Depends on the behaviour tbh

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If the MC belongs to the “tough bad girl” stereotype, then mostly yes. Sometimes the LI has a better, more developed personality than some bland/dislike-able MC’s.

Sometimes very rarely I like the MC as she always perfect well comes across that way very little flaws or an over the type bad girl. LI can be just as bad cough chain reaction cough.

It depends tbh

This is true. I don’t like MCs who are Mary Sues or whiny ones.

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I find myself more to the Mc

Oh yeah all the time. I find myself almost always relating more to the love interest (unless he’s a bad boy)

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