In hospital today

As most people know I am a psychiatric nurse, I did that almost 8 years, but after my divorce, (my husband cheated on me and left me alone with 3 children o girl 4 years old an twin boys 2yesers old, they were born 3 months too early) then i feld myself not stable enough anymore to give psychiatric help to people so I started working with the old people, this is fysicly very hard. in the meantime, my kids are 16 and 18 but he has never given me a cent neither he looks at them. So i had to do 2 shifts to only live!!! But it was difficult because I suffer of cluster headache also known as suicidal headache. Because of that, i needed to go on cortisone treatment. In al those years I have gained 30 kg and it has given me everything, osteoporosis, my back is completely a disaster, so no I don’t work anymore. It is difficult for me because i am still young. But my big problem is those cluster headache and today I went to the clinic to do Sphenopalatinum Permanent Block
I still feel a little pain in my jaw…
They can’t do it under sedation because you need to direct where your pain is.
I hope this will give me a cluster free period of 3 months.


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Hope you feel better

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Sorry to hear all this. You might want to consider seeing a doctor for Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) for the jaw pain. It seems to be more common than I thought. Hope everything turns out for the best :wink:


I hope you feel better girly!