In major need of an outline maker 😓

Hello! So I have several big projects coming up and I need someone who can be there for multiple outlines. I of course want them to be quality outlines because I’d pay for your services. I created my own award ceremony and the prizes of some of the winners will be an art scene of their character but I suck at art scenes and using outlines help. Here are the following events I need an outline for

  • An art scene I’m making for someone
  • A splash I’m making for someone
  • (BIG ONE!) My award ceremony.

If you’re interested, message me and we can discuss prices. Much love! xoxo

Abygail :heart:

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I could try but I would need the character details and the outfits you want.

I’m actually just about to go to sleep but I can message you tomorrow.

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Send me the characters with the poses and I’ll get on it soon.