...In My Bed! - Episode Had Gone Too Far

Okay. I want to discuss this, because there needs to be a discussion about this story.
Let’s start by talking about the fact that this app is rated PG-13. And since this is an Episode official story, it definitely should not include such messages and content in it! This is their app, and it means that they have to set an example with their stories. This story? I wouldn’t read it myself (yes, I read chapter one to see how bad it really is), let alone suggest it to 13 year old girls who know nothing about life!

Also, can we talk about what hypocrites Episode proved themselves to be? I personally have a story on the app and it’s 100% appropriate for the younger audience of Episode, but many people had their art or stories removed because of violation of guidelines. Episode don’t even follow the guidelines they’ve set themselves! Imagine working so hard on a story or art and have it removed, then seeing THIS get published!

People have complained about “It Starts With A Bra”. This story is much worse!
Episode have gone too far. It’s time we open their eyes.


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