In my bed... pictures and review


Uplsugoading… Uploading…
This is disgusting I say at least episode should stop it. This story is obviously 18+! At least put a warning on it!


Hahaha holy shit
I mean you do have to be 13+ to use the app but daaaaamn, yeah there should be some kind of warning beyond “ooh steamy”.
*Ryder takes off his shirt and I must stare at his hot bod” oh man. Honestly this looks like a fun story either in all seriousness or ironically (which is how I’d play it personally), looks like you can’t chose your sexuality or gender though which sucks.
Man episode is a time.


Oh my goodness I’ve heard this story going around. But damnnnnnnn Episode what the heck this is not right. Main reason I’m not letting my little sister get it what the heck. And those choices gee willirkers good thing I’m no innocent bean these are terrible! Episodes shouldn’t be like this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:


This is literally why I don’t read Episode official stories any more, geez. It’s like they’re desperately trying to cater to a “Mature Audience” which is strange, since Episode itself is literally meant for teens and tweens that should not be reading this stuff


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True that!


I didn’t know Episode was trying to be porn hub :woman_shrugging:t5: Guess I missed that email.


I forgot to take pictures of the “sexy gift” and it was bad…


Hell yeah man, this is some weird ass shit. Definately not something the majority of the users on that site should be seeing.
There should be a thing where you put in your age and if you’re under 15 you can’t read this kinda shit.
Kids would still work around it by putting in fake ages but at least it would be something.


Exactly! This has been an ongoing problem for a while now, and if say, deviantart didn’t even attempt to screen MA stuff for younger viewers people would rightfully be upset about it, and that’s just the independent small creatures doing it. But the literal, actual company pulling this kind of stuff? It’s disgusting.


They’re talking about how we should make stories for younger readers yet here they are making stories like these. There are so many authors that have to remove small lines because they end up putting a bit of steam into it yet here they are writing stories full of scenes like this. I’m honestly ashamed.


I f you made this story why would it be FUCKING 13+ like come on get ya facts straight!?!


I know


And also…

Never knew Shane was straight?!?! (Shane Dawson)


The app even says 13+ so people should know what they are getting into so. . . We should have more freedom with writing.


It’s sad because not only does it go against many guidelines, if someone in the community made it then it would be taken down pretty damn quickly.


Fuckin facts right there.


Hell yeah unfortunately, preach Herman.




Okay this is really sad. Why do this?? Why?? :sob::unicorn::underage: